The Best of The Edge


This new segment of the blog is to highlight the best of the Edge, Roleplay Evolution’s own legendary radio. Highlighting all the things that make the station and its deejays the best around, you’ll find everything from amazing music sets to what-the-f moments from live shows. We love our deejays and our station and we’re gonna give you every reason to hop in the room next time you see a show happening!

First – lets count the reasons of awesome so you know what to expect. Then – keep an eye out for future posts giving the scoop on the best moments we caught. You never know – you might find yourself included in what makes The Edge the best!


You already know The Edge hosts some of the best deejays this side of the inter webs. Each with their own style, they rock the airwaves all week long. Want to know more about the deejays? Look here

DJ Schedule

Mondays: DJ Scorch or DJ Illmatic 9pm est

Tuesdays: DJ Neo 9pm est

Wednesdays: currently open

Thursdays: currently open

Friday: DJ Harley 9pm est

Saturday: DJ Wildthing 6pm est DJ Addiction 9pm est

Sunday: DJ Curbside Prophet 12pm est


Music isn’t the only draw to these stellar deejay shows. There might be no other place on ReVo you can learn the many monikers of Omega [have you heard the baron of bush?!] or find social distancing measured in coney dogs [the ones from Sonic that you immediately regret]. Something outlandish happens almost every time the music gets going and the drinks start flowing! 


Our deejays don’t stop with great style, they have amazing personality and creativity to boot and often put together themed shows that not only entertain but definitely double the shenanigans. DJ Curbside Prophet never fails with themed music on Sundays and DJ Addiction has a long history of heavily themed shows and alter egos [drag queens ftw!]. 


On top of everything else that makes them the best – deejays often partner with events on the site to provide music and commentary, giving events that finishing touch that makes them oh-so perfect. There’s nothing like having two deejays heckle you while jaws is trying to eat your face! At least the music was good!

Room Spotlight


This new segment of the blog is something that was kicked around from the beginning and I am so excited to finally bring it to fruition. We will be featuring different rooms on ReVo to showcase what they bring to our community and the creativity of those behind them. 

We hope that you’ll learn a little something about the rooms, see what they’re about, get to know the room leader through the interview and maybe find a new place to try out a new character! Expand your horizons and try something new! We have so many amazing, bold rooms on ReVo and this is our way of celebrating them.

Our very first room spotlight is on The Alinjah Realm, led by Wicked Cupcake. This room is set in medieval times with an encompassing storyline based on a war between demons. Death, romance, intrigue and a mysterious sword that binds it all drives storylines that the entire room cultivates cooperatively. As one of the most active rooms on ReVo, the leader and members of The Alinjah Realm are welcoming to new players and have created a place where you can get your feet wet without a character sheet and with the ability to learn in a safe zone. You can be anything in this room, any species, any abilities – the only limitation is your own imagination. Choose your side and join the fight!

Additionally, The Alinjah Realm has a subroom that is Gorean based. The environment is designed for learning but anyone interested in Gor with any level of knowledge is welcome to play. If you’re new to the realm and are looking for a safe place to be taught before jumping in to a Gorean room this is an excellent place to start. 

It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Wicked Cupcake about her room, and learning about what they have going on in there. I hope you’ll check out what she’s built. Undoubtedly you’ll be warmly welcomed and drawn in to an adventurous story!


The Interview

describe your room, ie: the concept and main theme

Wyckid Cupcake
The room is based in the medieval times more towards the beginning of the medieval times.  The theme is set on a war based between the race of the shadowwalker demons. They are divided  over good and evil. The war is started due to the Mother and the Father of the shadowwalker demon race splitting. The father is obsessed over the sword that started the entire realm called the SWD Sword. The very first born shadowwalker demon is imprisoned within the sword. The very first born Shadowwalker Demon was created by the Goddess known as Tennarrathe, her job and purpose was to protect the shadows and those of the shadows. However, evil had filled her heart, instead of protecting, she wanted to claim all of the shadows and use their powers to herself. Another Shadowwalker demon by the name of Ravn was born, she is Nightrose Shadowwbanes Twin sister. They had to fight against each other. If Ravn won, Nightrose was to be killed. If Nightrose won she would kill Ravn and continue the evil. However, Ravn won, but within her heart, she could not kill her twin sister. Ravn created a sword out of her very own flesh and blood and prisoned Nightrose in the sword. When She met Mythkekal they fell in love and married, they had two children, Manyia Sayians and Jessalyn Marie. However, Mythkekal was obsessed with the sword and wanted to free Nightrose from her prison and marry her. This created the war of the realm.  However, Mythkekal and his army was kicking butt on the war… Ravn did not know want to do so she took the sword to Tennarrathe who created Lillican Phaedra from the sword. Lillican is the guardian and protects the sword. The concept is to keep Nightrose from getting free of the sword.

are all players in your room involved in this storyline?

Wyckid Cupcake
Yes they are

is it possible for new people to get involved in the storyline?

Wyckid Cupcake
Everyone and Anyone is welcome to come and join with the storyline, they can also play as many characters as they wish and whatever they wish to be is welcome

are character sheets required?

Wyckid Cupcake
No, but they are welcomed if anyone wants to do one

you have a subroom also, is this storyline the basis of that room as well?

Wyckid Cupcake
No, my subroom i am using as a Goreanish room. The basic of the room is for those who are new to Gor and wanting to learn Gor..I have had a lot of people asking me to help get better and to learn Gor, so I am using my subroom to help those new to Gor and wanting/willing to learn Gor instead of being in an actual Gor room disrupting other peoples Rp’s and such.

i love that! I love seeing new people getting into the realm! Is the objective to learn and then be able to play in formal gorean rooms?

Wyckid Cupcake
So do i to be honest and yes, Its for them to be able to be in a place where they can learn and get the hang of things without being criticized or people getting mean with them. Its a safe zone, so no killing….But force collaring and stuff still can be done as they need to see what Gor is about. When they are comfortable enough, they can go to the actual Gor Rooms and rp better

is anyone welcome to go there to learn?

Wyckid Cupcake
Everyone is welcome to come to the subroom, Weather they want to learn, or even if they are already apart of Gor.

you run one of the most active rooms on ReVo, what do you think contributes to the success and activity of the room?

Wyckid Cupcake
The respect and the welcoming of my room,  that and for those who do not wish to participate in the war and or any of the attacks, there are safe zones that i am putting up on the pds so they can still have places to go and be able to rp in where they can remain safe and untouched. No harm can touch anyone while in the safe zones. This way they are not trapped rping only in the Castle PD. And my Rules on my front page are very simple to follow and not so very strict with things.

what character types are there in the main room? Obviously this demon race, is there anything else?

Wyckid Cupcake
Elves, Drows, Spirits, Humans, Demons of any kind, Vampires, Lycans, Were creatures, Dragons, Angels, ect

so basically anything and everything! that leaves a lot of room for creativity. is there any power structure or is the creation of those character free form?

Wyckid Cupcake
its all free form.. i want to see everyone’s imagination, i want to see what they come up with, what they can do…though there is a storyline, not every character has to be apart of the storyline. i do ask for at least one character to participate in the actual storyline, but all the other characters do not technically have to…

how should new players go about getting involved in your room?

Wyckid Cupcake
The thing i suggest for new players, come in, ask lots of questions, observe the rp and not be afraid to pm myself or anyone in the room to ask their questions and to even come in and get comfortable and spend time with myself and the other roleplayers as well

what is the main thing that you want everyone to know about your room

Wyckid Cupcake
The main thing i want everyone to know about my room is that it is fun, always open to suggestions, anyone can join in whenever they want to, and everyone is welcome to come

Hang Around: SoA

By Tatiana


This month I chat with Joy Naomi and feature her 2 characters, Luna and Kendra.

1.) When were you introduced to SOA rp? Who introduced you and what room/site was it at?

It’s been so long at this point I honestly don’t remember.

2.) Who was your very first SOA character? Do you still rp her today?

I don’t remember my first character, but I took a break and when I came back my first character then is Kendra and yes, I still play her, she’s my fave.

3.) Did you watch the tv series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ before rping SOA? What do you think of the series?

I didn’t, but after playing in the room for about a month I started watching it and I fell in love with it. It’s now one of my favourite shows.

4.) Tell us everything about your SOA Iceland character, Luna.

Ah, my Luna..she’s a fun one lol. She was raised around the club because her father was a member. Her mother passed away when she was really young so the old ladies and all the women associated with the club helped raise her. She did okay in high school and loved computers so she went to school for computer science and programming and now has her own cyber security business and is an ordained minister who was lucky enough to marry her cousin Roskvi and his husband Bjarne..both of whom she adores more than words could ever say. Roskvi is the only blood kin she has left but she has the club who is her family as well. She’s easy to get along with and will defend the hell out of her friends and family.

5.) Luna married Roskvi and Bjarne at SOA Iceland on the beach. You performed an amazing job. Would you do it again?

Thank you, and yes I would. It was fun to do and the research on a traditional viking wedding was fun to look into, I tried to do a mix of traditional and modern for the ceremony and reception.

6.) Describe Luna’s motorcycle. Where in the world would she like to travel with it?

She rides a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Superlow that is dark purple and black and is fully customized for her. As far as where she would like to travel probably around Europe.

7.) Tell us about your other SOA character, Kendra. What is her story so far?

Kendra is an interesting character..she was born and raised in the club to the president of the Las Vegas chapter. Her dad was rather disappointed that she was a girl because he wanted a son to carry on his legacy in the club, but he made up for it by making sure she was taught and groomed to be the ultimate old lady one day. She’s been married three times..has one hell of a mouth on her which will usually get her in trouble because half of the time she doesn’t know when to shut up. Once you get past the tough outer shell though you find out that she’s really caring and soft hearted. She would literally die for the club and she’s come close one or two times but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

8.) What advice would you give to someone who is new to SOA rp?

Prepare for anything and everything. In the world of SoA anything can happen at any time. Also, try not to get to attached to your characters (I know..that is hard to do) but I only say this because they can and probably will get injured and maybe even killed. At the same time don’t get to stressed about stuff and just enjoy it because it is roleplay and things should be fun and enjoyable more than stressful!

9.) Besides role-playing, what else do you enjoy partaking in?

Other than working I like to game…here lately I’ve been playing Animal Crossing which is really relaxing..I’ve also started playing Ark and WoW again and I also play Dungeons and Dragons every Saturday and Sunday night.

10.) Final question, is Luna dating James now?

Not at the moment..but she is very much interested. He’s a great guy who is very easy to talk to and he cares about those around him..he’s also easy on the eyes!

See you next month and thanks to those who sent in suggestions for new questions.

Health and Fitness

ReVo F.I.N.E. Leaders: Kaliko, Halo and Russ


Welcome to a new feature from REVO FINE. Myself, Kaliko and Halo will be bringing you our takes on FINE… it could be exercise, positive thinking or healthy eating. Who knows, but what we do know is we want to hear from you!. So if you have things you want to hear or questions to ask, hit us up!

“I’ll tell you one thing I won’t be one of those people who run a Marathon.” – Russ, a long time ago.

I never used to like running. I downright hated it in fact. Cycling, I’ve always loved cycling. Running I never got. It seemed a miserable experience for me. But time changes things… ok let’s be honest, the reason I started running. Was to piss someone off. Admittedly not the best reason to do something, but stick with me here.

It was about 2 years ago, I’d been cycling a lot. So my fitness was better than it had ever been, and I felt strong. But I was seeking a new challenge. I like to push myself and test myself. And also I’d plateaued on weight loss. So a friend told me I should try running. So that arvo I went out and did 5km and felt like death, it sucked. But there was something there… that made me go back. After a few weeks I was up to 10km. That’s when I mentioned a half might be fun to do. And my friend told me I wasn’t at a level of a half and I’d not do one before him.

Now I work best with a chip on my shoulder. If someone tells me I can’t do something… I’m going to do it. I have comments people tell me about me burned into my brain. They drive me on. I’m not saying this is healthy but it’s just how I work. And slowly I was learning running was a good outlet for this. I used it to drive me on. Running is as much mental as physical. Honestly you’re brain will quit before your legs will. So I  signed up to a half… in 3 weeks.

Now firstly DO NOT DO THAT. I was clueless and had no idea what I was doing and it’s only through being stubborn I did. Now I train like a madman to do a half.

So on the day I was flying round and loving it. I was able to put so much into that run and push myself and I go it. I got what was good about running. The headspace, just you and watching the world go by. But Unsurprisingly I hit 10 miles and the last three I struggled. My brain wanted to quit so bad, but I ignored it. The last few miles were me v my brain, and more the self-doubt. “you can’t do this you aren’t a runner….” “you are dumb you won’t make it.” And you have to fire back “funny I’m running now…” “What if I do make it.” The last mile was so slow and I did it.

And to me that’s exercise, I didn’t run fast, I did nothing special but I pushed my limits. I now know and have learnt on other occasions that I don’t quit easily. And that lends itself to all walks of life. The benefits of exercise carry into so much.

And you don’t have to go far to do it. A 5km run is an amazing achievement, walking a mile is a good goal. Yoga, tennis, whatever you want just go try it. And just go a little further than your brain wants you to. I promise it’s worth it.  Just starting small led me to being on the cusp of Marathon 3.

Indigo Knows


The Grave Robber

Dear Indigo,

I’ve been eyeing this man but he’s like 20 years older than me. I have an issue though because I have feelings for him, but I’m not sure they are returned, but I feel the attraction with him. And boy do I really want to rock his world.  What should I do?

– Ashland Calhoun

Dear Grave Robber,

The best thing about older men, they know what they’re doing. The worst thing? They have years of shit they have to work through. Sometimes you have to break down the walls they put in place. Best way to do that is to crash through those bricks with army tank inspired naughty lingerie. Agent Provocateur is my suggestion. Shove him down, put on the stereo (this telepath suggests something with a good strong bass and beat to grind your hips to) and show him what you got. 

Either you end up with a night of raunchy, hair pulling, ass slapping fun.. Or he throws up those walls. Keep strong my old man charmer!

– Indigo

The Art of Writing

By Rivers


A long, long time ago…

I think I’ve always considered myself a writer. I’ve always loved to write and I excelled in subjects related to reading and writing in school. However I started looking at it really differently about 20 years ago when someone introduced me to Gor. Weren’t expecting that one were you? Neither was I. Trust me. LOL. But that’s another story for another day. 

I do, truly credit my early years in Gor for starting the first big evolution in writing. A long, long time ago, before my characters were ever fed to sleen and before I even knew what Gor was I went through a super long and super intense training. Of course I had to learn the flora and fauna and the foods and drinks and how to prepare them, etc. But what was most important was how I wrote my posts. 

The woman that trained me insisted that my posts could never be less than ten lines, and should strive to be between twenty and twenty-five. In every post I had to describe some aspect of my slave’s appearance or physicality but I couldn’t repeat and adjective in any of my posts. The thesaurus became my best friend. I was expected to create  such vivid imagery in every post that my partner and I would be able to envision the same scene. She would criticize poor syntax, considering that ‘sloppy’ posting and would make me re-write the post. Everything I wrote had to be with detail and was expected to be written beautifully – every serve every chore, every menial action. Nothing less was accepted. 

So I learned a lot of words. I learned how to translate what I saw in my mind with so much detail anyone else could see the same thing. I learned a lot of words. Yes. I said that twice on purpose. I learned a LOT of words LOL. I learned how to write sentences that flowed and had good rhythm. I learned skills that I used the rest of my life with writing through my education, my career and I also still apply many of these things to my current roleplay. 

So this blog

The concept for this blog was actually submitted by Russ several months ago and as soon as I read the suggestion my mind immediately went back twenty years to those critiques and expectations of my posts. This segment will be open to various contributors, but I wanted to write the first one because I loved the idea. We have a lot of help out there for ways to improve your design, but we don’t talk about writing much even though writing is at the heart of everything we do on a roleplay site. To be clear – writing is an art form. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Everything in this blog by everyone that contributes is meant to encourage creativity and challenge monotony, not to criticize. 

So if I had to choose one piece of advice to this entry, I would choose adjectives. Practice with your detail – and get the thesaurus up so you can challenge yourself to not repeat words. For example, do you always describe your character’s hair as blonde? What about trying to find other ways to describe blonde: champagne, platinum, flaxen, etc. Next time you’re at the drug store look at the boxed hair color and all the descriptions of those shades for some other ideas. What is the texture of the hair? The length? When you think about your descriptions this way you can go from saying “she pushed her blonde hair over her shoulder” to “she swept those loose, platinum curls over her shoulder where they cascaded to the low of her back.” 

Gossip Gurl


Hey Revoites! This is your gossip gurl coming at you! Did you know that The Art Garden had a paint event on Saturday? -giggle- As soon as I heard, why I skeedaddled my lil butt right there to see the haps! It was a good event without anyone acting yanno ‘extra’. -smirks- The challenges seemed kind of cool and there was a deejay on air as well. I did get to witness some good artistry. Man there was some brilliant work going on there! Well that’s it for the bit, until next time. Remember, if it’s hip and it’s happening, your gossip gurl will be there to get the juicy scoop!

Thats Just British…

Wit and Wisdom from Across the Pond with Russ


That’s just not cricket

“Cricket a game which the English, not being a spiritual people, have invented in order to give themselves some conception of eternity.”   – Bernard Shaw

One of the things I’m most passionate about in life is Sport. I honestly love most of the sports in England, Football; Soccer to you is a great game, the simple made into the spectacular. Rugby is my favourite sport and it’s practically a religion where I’m from in England. I can wax lyrical on the sport and one day I will. Today though I want to talk about the most English of sports of cricket. 

On paper it’s a simple game. You have two teams of 11. One team bats, 2 in at a time and scores runs by hitting the ball and running between the wickets. If the other team get 10 of the batsman out, they bat and try to score more.

Sounds simple right? It really isn’t you can be out by bowling the batsman out (hitting his stumps and knocking the wicket off), by someone catching the ball before it hits the ground after the batsman hits it and most confusingly of all leg before wicket. This involves if your leg is in the way of the ball and stops it hitting the stumps. And it’s complicated… like there are multiple replays, a system to see if a sound is picked up to prove the ball hit the bat, was the ball pitching inside or outside off stump. 

And the games can go on for 5 days, which given my countries ability to rain, is mad. You can’t play cricket in the rain… so we have a system, called the Duckworth-lewis method that calculates what the rains effect on the score was and reappraises what the team needs to win.

And yet I love test match cricket, I can watch it all day, its captivating, the tactics, like do you have a man stand at silly-mid off, do you have a spin bowler, a fast bowler, do you bowl full toss, a Yorker? Confused yet? 

Only the british could make a sport so simple, so complex and so captivating. It’s one where It can be as dull as ditch water (imagine playing for 5 days to get a draw!) or absolutely spell binding. And one where the biggest rivalry England v Australia is played to see who wins an urn of the ashes of a stump, bail or ball (depending on what legend you believe) that is barely bigger than a tea cup.

I grew up desperate to be good at cricket and I wasn’t, thankfully I was half about at Rugby (a story for another day) and so I could be sporting but Cricket, cricket is as English as you can get.

I expect you are no clearer on this sport, think it’s overly complex, boring and no idea what is going on. To that I say…. Welcome to my world when I watch Baseball.

Expression of the day:

The phrase “it’s just not cricket” is used in English to say that something is unfair or dishonest.


I can’t believe you got a ticket for the party and I didn’t. It’s just not cricket.

You can’t copy your essay from the internet! It’s just not cricket.

Diana admitted that she cheated in her A Level exams to get a place in a top university. It’s just not cricket.

Boozy Travels with Rivers


Did you know that Covet’s favorite drinks almost all include Malibu? I like Malibu. It tastes like the tropics and like sitting by a pool on vacation. Malibu actually advertises itself as ‘Summer in a Bottle.’ I feel like thats not only fair but definitely legit. If you’ve never had Malibu its a coconut flavored rum – but it also comes in strawberry, lime and pineapple. 

So when Covet was telling me about liking anything with Malibu it got me thinking – I’ve had it obviously in Pina Coladas, and I’ve had it in Coke – but what else is it good in?

Enter Google. 

So there’s the obvious Bahama Mama, Mai Tai and Sex on the Beach. Malibu is probably good in almost any tropical juice. 

But then I saw this…

Y’all know I love wine. By default, I love a good sangria. But a Malibu sangria? A tropical sangria? I never even considered that! That literally…never crossed my mind.

So here’s whats up – as per Farm Wife Drinks.

Malibu Sangria
1 Pound Frozen Tropical Fruit
1 Cup Pineapple Juice
2 Juiced Limes
3/4 Cup Malibu Rum
1 Bottle White Wine
1 Cup Soda Water or Gingerale

I haven’t tried this yet. But – I probably have to. I imagine its pretty sweet which isn’t necessarily up my alley, but I love the tropical twist on the sangria. If you’re someone who likes sweet wines like Moscato I would think this would be for you. 

Do you have a fun twist on an average drink in your repertoire? Hit me up with it – I’d love to feature it in the next blog post!

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Hang Around: SoA

By Tatiana


This month Reaper is featured for the SOA interview.  Enjoy!

1.)  What year was it when you discovered SOA rp? Who introduced you and what room/site location was it at?

Great question, I believe it might have been around 2017. I honestly can’t remember the year, but Covet, my better half has script of us playing back than. So it was at least in 2017.

2.)  Who was your very first SOA character?  Do you still rp him/her today?

Ryan Scott, leader of the Tesla brother, and torn in the side of the Club. Yes, I still play Ryan, I am actually working on the story of Liam. Ryan’s son, and would be eventual successor.

3.)  Did you watch ‘Sons of Anarchy’ before rping SOA?   Who was your fave character from the tv series?

No, actually role playing the characters made me want to watch the show. Slick and Q were both very kind and welcoming of me into the fold. That I think was just another reason why I wanted to play there so much.

4.)  Which SOA rooms do you play at ReVo?

Crown of Thorns would be the main, I still have characters for Slicks room SOA Long Beach, and I have plans to play in Burn it Down.

5.)  Tell us all about your charater, Aidan.

Aiden is a bit unique in himself. He was an orphan who joined the army, became Air Borne before being selected as a Delta. He actually stole and hide a large amount of money from a few terrorist cells before separating from the Army. Aiden’s true passion was in the kitchen, and he used his new found money to establish himself. However he never found a fit in the “real” world. Where no one is actually real. That was where he found himself in the arms of the club. Where men were men, and words meant something more than just wasted time.

5.)  Tell us all about your character, Aidan.

Aiden is a bit unique in himself. He was an orphan who joined the army, became Air Borne before being selected as a Delta. He actually stole and hide a large amount of money from a few terrorist cells before separating from the Army. Aiden’s true passion was in the kitchen, and he used his new found money to establish himself. However he never found a fit in the “real” world. Where no one is actually real. That was where he found himself in the arms of the club. Where men were men, and words meant something more than just wasted time.

6.)  Your fave rp moment as Aidan. A few sentences will do.

Aiden was lost in a lot of ways, he didn’t fit in SOA Long Beach, and I honestly didn’t want him there. I wanted someone I could explore with, someone who I could use to travel. However that sounds fun on the outside, it was kind of hollow. My favorite moment was when Aiden met Makayla, it was when his story really flourished, and grew. In a lot of ways I see Aiden as the version of myself I wish I could be. Makayla brings out the best in him, just as Covet brings out the best in me.

7.) Tell us about your other character Saint.

Saint is a bit more of a new character. Saint is intelligent, cunning, strong, and disciplined. Saint is the leader that I believe all men would wish to be more like. He’s the Captain America of the Son’s and I love that about him. Saint is the epitome of how the Son’s are different than your average street or biker gang.

8.)  And Saint’s favourite moment in the rp spotlight happened when…

Saint is such a new character, I don’t know if I can pin point something about him. His Rp with Bay is always amazing though, she’s such a deep and strong character. Like a wild horse that can only be broken by the one she chooses. They’re amazing together.

9.)  How are you enjoying designing your own av’s?

I really do, however I have to say I still have a lot to learn, and I’m not nearly as good as a lot of people.

10.)  What tips would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming a SOA room leader? 

SOA is built around a destination. SAMCRO the basis of the show revolves around the characters from the Son’s of Anarchy Motor Cycle club Redwood Originals. If you want to build a room, you first need to know where it’s going to be, and what’s going to be the name of the Charter. After that it’s important to have a fictional or non-fictional city laid out for the room. After that you need to establish who will be sitting at the table, not only as the pres, but also who will be his left and right hands. VP, and Sgt at Arms.

11.)  What advice would you give to someone who wants to try out SOA rp but is hesitating?

It’s not as deep or grueling as you might think. The Genre is actually super easy to learn, the characters and story lines are extremely deep and realistic.  SOA is so much about real life, if you’ve ever been poor, or broken, or felt alone, or unappreciated, or even loved. Than you could create a character, and play in a SOA room.

See you next month with someone who plays over at SoA: Iceland!