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My Friend Pedro Review

How do I even begin to review My Friend Pedro?

Well, I suppose by describing it. The game is a stylish side-scrolling shooter, with a weird sense of humor and an intense focus on style, and looking good killing dudes as much as the killing itself. You begin on a slab, with amnesia and apparently about to be chopped up for meat. Escape, turns into revenge, and in no time you’re on your way, shooting a bloody swathe through rooftops and city streets, to construction sites, to sewers, the depths of your own insane mind, and..somehow, some way, into the internet itself…?

Your nameless protagonist (You aren’t Pedro. Pedro is a talking banana. Yes that’s all the context I’m giving you.) is given many techniques with which to stylishly dispatch of those in his way, from dual-wielding pistols or submachine guns, which can be used to independently target multiple enemies, to sliding on ziplines, swinging across chasms, and dodging bullets the whole way. After each level you’ll be graded on performance and skill, and the game will even pull a clip of your best for showoff purposes. You’re encouraged to retry, to do better, to score higher. Maybe you could have pulled off that one part better, swinging on a cable upside down shooting 2 guys below, before crashing through a window, dodging the next guy’s fire, shotgunning him in the face while still flipping through the air. There’s always room for improvement, right?

There are a total of 40 levels over 5 chapters, not a lengthy game by any means. I completed the story over the course of a single evening, but I did find myself replaying at least a few levels that stood out to me as favorites, and as I said, with the incentive to improve and perform better, some may get a bit of replay value out of it, but it’s not exactly something you’ll come back to over and over again for weeks. It’s fun, challenging, and hilarious. I got it as part of a bundle, and probably wouldn’t spend the full price of $20 on it, given the overall lack of content, but when the steam sales roll around, If the price is right though, I’d say it’s worth grabbing and banging through on a slow afternoon.

I now leave you with images presented without context.