Hang Around: SOA

Interviews with Tatiana

This month I interview kitten.  Her characters and the upcoming rally, which happens really soon is featured.  Enjoy!

1.)  What year was it when you were introduced to SOA rp?  Who introduced you and what room/site location was it at?
2010 I had actually created a room on another site that had SOA storylines in it.

2.)  Who was your very first SOA character back then?  Do you still rp him/her today?
She was a pink haired stripper named Candi. No I don’t play her anymore

3.)  Did you watch the tv series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ before rping SOA?  What do you think of the series?
I had yes, and obviously I enjoyed it lol

4.)  Tell us about Belfast Anarchy.  When did you open it?  What sort of storylines are happening there currently?
I opened Belfast in 2016. Right now the current storylines are dealing with the Irish Kings being corrupt and a rival club that was thought to have been killed off re-emerging. We’ve had a few gun fights and busted up a sex slave operation.

5.)  Now it is time to feature your character, Aoife.  What’s their story?
Aoife is a civvy that works at the club owned store Ashby’s. She’s a med student.

6.)  Let’s talk about your character, Tank, he is a big guy.  Is he violent or aggressive in any way?  Do others who interact with him, fear him?
Tank is a complex character. He’s a mixture of guys I know rt in the military as well as in local MCs. He can be violent when needs be, but he tries to think before reacting. Due to his size and he’s a bit intimidating to those that don’t really know him, but his wife never has any fear of him, and his brothers have respect.

7.)  Okay now your fave rp moment from both characters.
I have too many really.. the one’s though that do stand out for me with Tank are when he was shooting the shit in the garage back in Vegas with his best friend Logan. They’d discuss random shit they’d heard in the news (chick that was found at the grocery store with a whole chicken and some oranges shoved up in a place you wouldn’t think..)

8.)  What rp do you wish you could go over and re-do as Tank or Aoife?  Maybe one you regret or made other players cringe?  How would you handle it differently?
There’s nothing I’d redo. All the roleplays I’ve done I’ve had fun and they’ve been used to further the character on in their development.

9.)  Let’s talk about the rally which takes place in July.  Will Tank and Aoife be attending?  What sort of activities would they be participating in?
Tank will be. Aoife no as she’s not a member or part of the club. Tank most likely will take part in just about every activity depending on what he’s feeling like.

10.)  What’s new at the rally this year?
Ah… that’s something I can’t say. That’s a surprise that’s being added. I will say that one event that’s been around since it started has been removed to be replaced by 2 new ones.

11.)  What tips would you give to someone who is attending the rally for the first time?
Make sure to read over the rules. If you have questions about the SOA genre and the rooms on ReVo ask. My team; Gabby, Kaliko, and Rutger are pretty awesome. Have fun basically.

12.)  Can people still donate to the event?  If so, how do they get in contact and what can they donate?
They can. There is a post on the ReVo boards in the Graphics subsection under General Requests. Or they can message me directly on the board. We accept anything from tokens for avs, DJ’s have offered dedicated spots on their shows for music of the winners choice, gift cards etc.

13.)  Besides role-playing, what else do you enjoy partaking in?
I am an avid reader. If I’m not online, I’m usually buried nose deep in a book.

See you at the rally!  August’s interview will be with Covet.  Have a great summer!   Tatiana xoxo