That’s Just British…
Wit and Wisdom from Across the Pond
By Russ

So this week we have an idea from our very own Bloginista. Next out its British insults. But please don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you have anything else you’d like to read about, about the little island across the pond for most of you.

An idiom, firstly what is it. Well apparently it means:

a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g. over the moon, see the light ).

I’m someone who loves using metaphors, analogies and the like to express myself, usually as an insult or piss take, because well that’s me. Now I have no idea if some of these are British or more widely used, but I’ve curated these as best I can, because it was a fun topic and stood out when Rivers suggested it. I’ll post my favourites at the end, the ones I often use at work, for the sake of my sanity. So I’ve expanded this a little from just idioms to British slang etc

Ok so let’s start with a very British one:

A penny for your thoughts: Basically you are asking someone for their opinion. “I will give you a penny if you tell me your thoughts.” By the way a penny is the equivalent of a cent, so you are getting ripped off here!

Beat around the bush: This means your avoiding a subject, and not speaking about the issue. “stop beating round the bush Russ and tell us why a baked potato is called a jacket potato”

Look after your pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Another classic idiom, my nan said this a lot. Basically looking after small amounts of money leads to have large sums of money.

A few sandwiches short of a picnic. Someone who lacks common sense. I mean who doesn’t take enough sarnies to a picnic.

Bagsy: Basically shotgun “bagsy not making tea tonight”

Blinder: To pull a blinder is to do something very skilful or difficult.

Bob’s your uncle or Fanny is your aunt: our way of saying hey presto.

Bonnet/Boot: Hood/trunk of a car

Brolly: An umbrella, you’ll need one in England

Chinwag: This is to gossip or catch up

Chuffed: I use this a lot. To be chuffed is to be full of pride. E.g. I was chuffed with that av I made.

Clanger: To pull a clanger, is to make a massive mistake. See also cock-up.

Codswallop: The greatest word ever. Basically this is to lie or make stuff up. “what a load of Codswallop”

Dog’s Dinner. A mess. “you made a right dog’s dinner of your report Russ”

Faff: “stop faffing” wasting time doing very little

Fit: describes someone physically attractive. E.g. Are bloginista is a fitty.

Flog: to sell

Gutted: To be devastated or upset. “I’m gutted we lost”

Hank Marvin: cockney rhyming slang for starving      

Innit: An abbreviation of isn’t it. “It’s a bit shit innit”

Leg it: to run away

Lurgy: to be ill or have a cold

Miffed: annoyed

Minging: Unpleasant or unattractive. E.g Russ you smell minging

On the pull: To go out looking to get lucky.

Pants: Rubbish

Pissed: To be drunk

Round: This means you are buying the drinks e.g. “Russ is getting the round in”

Sod’s law: Basically means if anything can go wrong it will go wrong.

Spend a penny: to pee

Take the biscuit: If someone has done something highly surprising or irritating.

Take the mickey: to take liberties at the expense of others

Everything is tickety-boo: It’s all fine

Waffle: I do this a lot! To go on or skirt around a subject.

Zonked: tired

Ok so my favourite Idioms:

Thicker than a submarine door


A camel is a horse created by a committee

As to what they mean? Well you tell me and I’ll chuck in a prize for the closest guesses.

So there is a few for you. Know anymore or heard any that you don’t know what it means? Get in touch and we’ll hit those up next time!