Gossip Gurl


Hey Revoites! This is your gossip gurl coming at you! Have you been roaming the ReVo forum lately. Lots of events going on there. Sir Russ is doing a gratitude auction that sets this year off to a great start focusing on an optimistic beginning. That vote for ReVo thread is growing and several people have generously donated items, with a chance to win for those that are voting to show their support. If you’ve happened to traverse the who chat from time to time you might see all the amazing radio shows going on regularly from the scrumptious DJ Illmatic and DJ Scorch, the scintillating DJ Curbie and ReVo’s very own quirky DJ Wildthing, along with many others. I heard a rumor that there are a few new deejays on board as well, and the rumor has it that some well known past deejays are returning to the deejay scene, so keep your eyes open and your ears tuned in! Well that’s it for the bit, until next time. Remember, if it’s hip, and it’s happening, your gossip gurl will be there to get the juicy scoop!

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