Revealing Roleplayers By Smurfy

In this segment, we will be interviewing roleplayers at random. This is a way to get to know the roleplay community, find out what makes them tick, and delve a little into the raw meat of what makes roleplay special to them

For this interview, we will be delving into the mind of none other than the Monster herself- Xams



Smurfy: How long have you been roleplaying?

Xams: Since the dawn of time. I mean 20+ years!

Smurfy: What’s your favorite Genre?

Xams: I like fantasy free form. But my first real love was World of Darkness.

Smurfy: What’s your favorite storyline you’ve ever done?

Xams: I have had a lot of awesome adventures in my rp life, to pick a favorite is haaaard. -lmao- One that sticks with me lately is actually an LKH free form story. The Master of the City wanted independence from the Council and to be exposed to the world and to live free and powerful. There was a war. It was hard because there was only three of us playing but fun AF because there was only three of us playing. -lol- It started small with secondary storylines and they all joined into one big storyline where we played all of our characters that we could at the same time and we wrote for each other and it was massive. Our characters stood with the Master risking it all and the Council and others came down on us hard. My friends worked hard making this an intense and rewarding experience and the impact of that war still is present now. We did this a few years ago. It was great because we all are very close and know each other, we just let our creativity and imagination go wherever it wanted.

Smurfy: What makes a good roleplay partner?

Xams: A good roleplay partner is someone you can feed off of and they feed off you. You don’t need to think, you just do it and inspire each other. It has to be someone who understands you and your character (or is trying to understand cause that is how you make friends and how you start the rp experience) and has a goal of both of you having fun. You must have imagination, creativity and be willing to take risks and surprise while respecting your partner. It is an inclusive bonding experience where both partners benefit. A good roleplay partner earns your trust. It is someone who plays WITH you, not AGAINST you. A good roleplayer does not only consider themselves or focus on their own enjoyment and wants, they focus on their partner and the roleplay at hand and realize it is not just for them it is for you both and everyone involved. You are writing for each other not just for yourself. You are giving of yourself.

Smurfy: If you could bring any character back from the dead, who would it be and why?

Xams: I have only had one character die and it was to surprise my friends in a very intense roleplay and I thought it would enhance it. (They might still be mad at me for that. -lmfao-) She was a young necromancer but not an evil one, she had the utmost respect and empathy for our dearly departed, and she helped them rather than use them. The character sacrificed her life to save her friends. I would bring her back because her life was cut short by a circumstance that was overwhelming and too big. She handled it better than most and deserves a second chance at life.

Smurfy: The most important question to a roleplayer of course… Who is your all-time favorite character you’ve ever played, or watched someone else play?

Xams: I don’t really have a favorite character of mine, I play them according to my mood and level of inspiration at the time. One of my favorites is my third character ever who is a World of Darkness Black Spiral Dancer. I did not think she would last this long! Basically she is a warrior type who culls the weak (even her own kind), is a cannibal and works to keep packs strong and efficient in service of the Wyrm. She has had so many adventures and is still around somewhere! As for other people’s characters, my friends have very diverse characters and to choose a favorite would be hard.