That’s Just British… [by Russ]

Wit and Wisdom from Across the Pond

So I’ve had a few stereotypes or questions come in and they are great! But I need more to make a decent post, so please keep them coming. I also have an idea for Russ’ Great British Brain off – a sort of quiz for you with prizes. If you have categories or prizes to suggest get in touch. For now let’s touch on a quirk of British History: The Bank Holiday.

Bank holidays. Its what we call a public holiday in the UK. Usually they fall on a Monday. We have 8 of them. Normal people spend them bored at home, trying not to argue with the family, maybe have a barbecue, a roast dinner, day drinking and watch whatever crap is on the telly.
Across the UK though some people do things differently. Near where I live there is a Hill, its known as Cooper’s hill. On this hill is a very steep bit of hill. Now every spring bank holiday a bunch of people gather. A 7-9 pound round of Double Gloucester Cheese is picked up and Rolled down the hill. Then the “runners” (fallers and rollers seems more apt, maniacs the most fitting) give chase, if they catch the cheese, or cross the finish first they get the cheese. This probably sounds very quaint doesn’t it? Well the cheese can hit 70 mph (110 kph to you) and has since meant due to injuries it’s now a foam replica of the cheese. There have been many serious injuries in the event. This is a description by one participant:

“Twenty young men chasing a cheese off a cliff and tumbling 200 yards to the bottom, where they are scraped up by paramedics and packed off to hospital”.

Us Brits eh!
How did this all start? There are two theories. One is that it evolved from a requirement for maintaining grazing rights on the common. Because you know, we could just put some cows or sheep in the field, nah lets chuck a cheese down it, get pissed and give pursuit. The second is it originated from the Pagans who had a custom of rolling down the hill. Originally it was bundles of burning brushwood rolled down to signify the birth of the New Year. In addition buns, biscuits and the like were scattered by a Master of Ceremonies in a fertility rite to encourage the fruits of harvest.  Obviously one year said Pagans couldn’t start a fire and some bright spark thought “well cheese is almost the same thing, the Gods will be ok with that, right?”

Anyway in 1826 the first recorded history of the cheese rolling was discovered by a message from the Town Crier. But even then it talks of the time honoured tradition.

The event is hugely popular and people crowd the hill to watch. It’s been a few years since I’ve been, it was a traditional piss up with mates and for reasons I’ve forgotten, and we don’t anymore.  Maybe one year I’ll have a crack at it.

This is one of many events like this we also have:

Dorset Knob Throwing
Well Dressing
Rubber Duck racing
Wool Sack Racing
Shin Kicking and the Cotswold Olimpicks (correct spelling!)
Water Football

Most of these events take place in my home area, which tells you something about how weird and quirky life is in the Cotswolds, but that another blog! I love this sort of crazy stuff though, weird laws, quirky traditions etc., so maybe share some you know of where you’re from, below.

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That’s Just British… [by Russ]

Wit and Wisdom from Across the Pond

Ok so, as with most of my ideas, this came about due to 3 things.

1.   Running my mouth
2.   Beer
3.   Being unable to say no.

And actually all of these fit this idea for a recurring blog. They are all rather British traits. Take point 1. I’m not sure we run our mouths but we can be seen to be arrogant and have a stick up our arse. In short we know best. Maybe its our accents, who knows. 2. We love a good drink. 3. We are weird as a whole about manners, so if we promise to do something we do it. Even if that’s being drunk listening to the chat sensation of Rivers and Kitten mock your nation after saying you could blog about it.

So here we are. A blog themed about being British. There is lots I could bore you with I assure you. I feel like we aren’t that interesting, but people tell me otherwise. So I’ll pick stuff to talk about and blog about it, our weird food names, what we think of you guys across the pond, Cheese rolling, shin kicking and other weird bank holiday traditions, our weird words, our accents, our history and most importantly why we love Tea so much.
But, I’m wanting to follow the lead our Bloginista, Rivers, has set and make this a collaborative affair. So its readers’ choice. Here is what we will do: PM or discord me your questions on what you want to know. Keep it fun though, I don’t want to touch politics or religion with a barge pole. Sorry Rivers and Kitten, I’m not talking about Jacket Potatoes either. Nothing to do with not having an answer honest. But anything else you might want to know about what its like having a monarchy for example.
Also I’d love to know what y’all (I always wanted to say that! It’ll be the last time promise) think of us, so send me the myths and stereotypes you might have on us and I’ll collect the best ones and make a blog on it.

I think that’s a good place to start, and hopefully we’ll find stuff you want to know about, otherwise this idea is going to die on its arse very promptly.
And to finish I’ll leave each time with a word that means something totally different here to the US/Canada:

Bog: Ok so this does mean the same thing here to, a sort of swamp. But its also a slang word for a toilet.
E.G. “Stop being pricks and hoarding the bog roll!”