Mental Health + Staying Connected

Remember yourself even when its easy to forget

The first quarter of 2020 has been challenging in a lot of ways and April has definitely followed suit. Many people are facing financial, emotional and mental hardships and there is no precedent on how to cope. There is no manual. Its so easy when things get hard and there’s no end in sight to start letting go of things that suddenly feel meaningless. Its easy to neglect the dishes and the laundry, to give up on that diet and exercise routine and to recluse from loved ones to a dark room.

These are the times, however, that its most important to hold on to normalcy. These are the times that you need to think about your physical health AND your mental health and take steps to make sure you don’t neglect yourself.

To help support you with ways to connect with yourself and with your community to battle these difficult times the Event Team on ReVo has created a daily challenge, Connections, to promote reaching out and reaching within.

Check it out here: