Hang Around: SOA

Interviews with Tatiana

Hi guys! Welcome to the brand new SOA section of the blog. Here I will feature a player who has a SOA character and interview them. Rutger is our lucky June feature. Please leave a comment below if you wish. I appreciate the feedback.

1.) What year was it when you were introduced to SOA rp? Who introduced you and what room/site location was it at?

I believe it was 2011 when I played in my very first SoA room it was on another site, and to be honest I don’t remember the name of the room it opened and closed within a couple weeks but I kept the character and ended up going back with the same friend to play in a Vegas theme room.

2.) Who was your very first SOA character back then? Do you still rp him today?

Ryan O’Connell was my first SoA character, I have made a few since then. I played Ryan up until a couple of years ago when I closed my room.

3.) Did you ever watch the TV series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ before rping SOA? What do you think of the series? Did it in any way influence your rping in SOA?

I had not seen the show before and most of the time that I role played SoA. I did watch the first 4 seasons about a year or a little more before I closed my room up though I think it had a bit of influence on other players who watched it before that.

4.) Please give us a run down on each SOA rooms you owned, and what happened to them.

There was Anarchy Vegas which I took over when the original owner left on line, After I took it off site and brought the room to Revo, I decided to move the club as well and brought in the fictional town of Prophecy AZ, to maintain the close proximity to Vegas while coming into their own.

5.) Now it is time to feature your character, Ryan. Tell us everything about him. What happened to Ryan?

As Ryan started out originally as a nomad and ended up in California as a Sgt at Arms in a short lived SoA room on another site. That room closed rather abruptly so the character was in limbo for awhile then had a rebirth of sorts in Vegas which sets his saga as follows. Ryan was Vegas born and raised though when he came of age and after prospecting into Vegas he spent a time traveling and working with other clubs before returning to Vegas where he would eventually become VP and then President of the Vegas charter. Of course in the years following there were a few loves and many many losses for that particular character, including the love of his life and his father in the same night. A high profile political incident drew attention to the charter and they moved out of Vegas to the less contested Prophecy Arizona. More love, more loss, and division in the club sent the club lifer packing to the east coast. Razor says he heard he opened a custom bike shop somewhere in Jersey.

6.) What rp made you feel really good about playing Ryan? It doesn’t have to be your favourite, but one that you were pleased as cheese about. Maybe you should of received an award for.

That one is hard to pin down because I have been in so many amazing role plays with so many talented role players over the course of that characters existence, from start to finish.

7.) What rp do you wish you could go over and re-do as Ryan?

Well there are always moments in role play.. or entire role plays that fall flat. It happens. All you can do is steer into the skid and roll with it.

8.) Okay now your fave rp moment as Ryan. A few sentences will do.

You’re going to have to refer to #6 for this one. Again so many unbelievable stories were told in my time with this character.

9.) Now let’s talk about your other character Razor. Where did he come from?

Eric (Razor) started out as an npc, just some biker that watched the gate with his brother. He is one I have kept around for play, though that much role play hasn’t been done with him in the recent months.

10.) You use Norman Reedus for Ryan, and Jason Momoa for Razor. Why did you pick these celebs? Were they the hot AF ones at the moment or did ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Aquaman’ have a big influence on you?

I started using Norman Reedus before I started watching the walking dead actually, or really paying attention at the time. I just thought he was more real looking. I picked Jason Momoa for Razor because he was big, Razor started out as an npc gate guard but kind of grew over the years to full character status along with Dooley.

11.) Razor is a big guy. Is he violent or aggressive in any way? Do others who interact with him, fear him?

Razor has a very violent and aggressive streak, though it takes a lot to get him there. He is kind of like a volcano. I think there have been times in role play where he has scared other characters or perhaps incited something in them that scared that character.

12.) Let’s talk about the rally which takes place in July. Will Razor be attending? What sort of activities would he be participating in?

Razor I am sure will be in attendance. I am hearing whispers of some new activities, so I am excited to see what is up there. There’s always plenty to keep busy with at rally time. I know that kitten works really extensively every year to put things together for the event, and it is always a good time.

13.) If you could add any activity to the rally for everyone to participate in, something new, what would it be?

I’d like to see some kind of sparring event.

14.) What advice would you give to someone who wants to try out SOA rp but is hesitating?

Just get in there and play. There’s a lot of people that will give you advice but its modern day and we have all watched TV. Create a character and make it yours.

15.) What tips would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming a SOA room leader?

If I am being completely honest, its kind of a pain in the ass. People expect a lot more from you than role play. Plus there are a lot of good rooms out there already so it takes a lot of effort to keep the room interesting enough to gain traffic, so there’s that. But that is probably any section. It’s much better to open a room with some friends that will back you up when people start bitching. Yeah. That’s my tip. Bring your own backup.

16.) Your SOA room, Prophecy was a fictional town, do you prefer to create your own locations?

Personally I prefer it yes. Known towns are OK but they are.. known, so that creates the need to research of you don’t know the city all that well. With a created locale , you make it what you want.

17.) You closed Prophecy a while back. would you consider re-opening it or starting a new SOA room?

Likely not any time soon, there are an awful lot of rooms already there that need role play.

18.) A big time move producer wants to make a film out of one of your SOA chars, Ryan or Razor. All based on events you rp’ed playing them. Who would bring in the most money at the box office?

Razor I think would be a better box office draw. Him and Dooley running the laundry soap heist would become a classic a la Smokey and the Bandit.

19.) Besides role-playing, what else do you enjoy partaking in?

I enjoy fishing, camping, watching movies, art … pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

20.) Final question, whatever happened to Ryan’s missing fingers?

They grew up and became finger guns.

That’s all, folks! Next month I will feature kitten and will talk about her hot AF character, Tank, and the upcoming rally, and Tank again, and maybe more about the rally.

See ya!

~ Tatiana