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Did you know that Covet’s favorite drinks almost all include Malibu? I like Malibu. It tastes like the tropics and like sitting by a pool on vacation. Malibu actually advertises itself as ‘Summer in a Bottle.’ I feel like thats not only fair but definitely legit. If you’ve never had Malibu its a coconut flavored rum – but it also comes in strawberry, lime and pineapple. 

So when Covet was telling me about liking anything with Malibu it got me thinking – I’ve had it obviously in Pina Coladas, and I’ve had it in Coke – but what else is it good in?

Enter Google. 

So there’s the obvious Bahama Mama, Mai Tai and Sex on the Beach. Malibu is probably good in almost any tropical juice. 

But then I saw this…

Y’all know I love wine. By default, I love a good sangria. But a Malibu sangria? A tropical sangria? I never even considered that! That literally…never crossed my mind.

So here’s whats up – as per Farm Wife Drinks.

Malibu Sangria
1 Pound Frozen Tropical Fruit
1 Cup Pineapple Juice
2 Juiced Limes
3/4 Cup Malibu Rum
1 Bottle White Wine
1 Cup Soda Water or Gingerale

I haven’t tried this yet. But – I probably have to. I imagine its pretty sweet which isn’t necessarily up my alley, but I love the tropical twist on the sangria. If you’re someone who likes sweet wines like Moscato I would think this would be for you. 

Do you have a fun twist on an average drink in your repertoire? Hit me up with it – I’d love to feature it in the next blog post!

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