The Art of Writing

By Rivers


A long, long time ago…

I think I’ve always considered myself a writer. I’ve always loved to write and I excelled in subjects related to reading and writing in school. However I started looking at it really differently about 20 years ago when someone introduced me to Gor. Weren’t expecting that one were you? Neither was I. Trust me. LOL. But that’s another story for another day. 

I do, truly credit my early years in Gor for starting the first big evolution in writing. A long, long time ago, before my characters were ever fed to sleen and before I even knew what Gor was I went through a super long and super intense training. Of course I had to learn the flora and fauna and the foods and drinks and how to prepare them, etc. But what was most important was how I wrote my posts. 

The woman that trained me insisted that my posts could never be less than ten lines, and should strive to be between twenty and twenty-five. In every post I had to describe some aspect of my slave’s appearance or physicality but I couldn’t repeat and adjective in any of my posts. The thesaurus became my best friend. I was expected to create  such vivid imagery in every post that my partner and I would be able to envision the same scene. She would criticize poor syntax, considering that ‘sloppy’ posting and would make me re-write the post. Everything I wrote had to be with detail and was expected to be written beautifully – every serve every chore, every menial action. Nothing less was accepted. 

So I learned a lot of words. I learned how to translate what I saw in my mind with so much detail anyone else could see the same thing. I learned a lot of words. Yes. I said that twice on purpose. I learned a LOT of words LOL. I learned how to write sentences that flowed and had good rhythm. I learned skills that I used the rest of my life with writing through my education, my career and I also still apply many of these things to my current roleplay. 

So this blog

The concept for this blog was actually submitted by Russ several months ago and as soon as I read the suggestion my mind immediately went back twenty years to those critiques and expectations of my posts. This segment will be open to various contributors, but I wanted to write the first one because I loved the idea. We have a lot of help out there for ways to improve your design, but we don’t talk about writing much even though writing is at the heart of everything we do on a roleplay site. To be clear – writing is an art form. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Everything in this blog by everyone that contributes is meant to encourage creativity and challenge monotony, not to criticize. 

So if I had to choose one piece of advice to this entry, I would choose adjectives. Practice with your detail – and get the thesaurus up so you can challenge yourself to not repeat words. For example, do you always describe your character’s hair as blonde? What about trying to find other ways to describe blonde: champagne, platinum, flaxen, etc. Next time you’re at the drug store look at the boxed hair color and all the descriptions of those shades for some other ideas. What is the texture of the hair? The length? When you think about your descriptions this way you can go from saying “she pushed her blonde hair over her shoulder” to “she swept those loose, platinum curls over her shoulder where they cascaded to the low of her back.”