Indigo Knows


The Grave Robber

Dear Indigo,

I’ve been eyeing this man but he’s like 20 years older than me. I have an issue though because I have feelings for him, but I’m not sure they are returned, but I feel the attraction with him. And boy do I really want to rock his world.  What should I do?

– Ashland Calhoun

Dear Grave Robber,

The best thing about older men, they know what they’re doing. The worst thing? They have years of shit they have to work through. Sometimes you have to break down the walls they put in place. Best way to do that is to crash through those bricks with army tank inspired naughty lingerie. Agent Provocateur is my suggestion. Shove him down, put on the stereo (this telepath suggests something with a good strong bass and beat to grind your hips to) and show him what you got. 

Either you end up with a night of raunchy, hair pulling, ass slapping fun.. Or he throws up those walls. Keep strong my old man charmer!

– Indigo