Storytime with the Smurf – by Smurfy

In this new segment you the reader will get a chance to mail in questions to Smurfy. She will take those questions, and respond with the most ridiculous answers imaginable. “It is my belief that laughter is everything – so, why not share a little silliness with others along the way?” – Smurf

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Question Submitted by TaB 

My 19-year-old stepdaughter can’t tie her shoes, is something wrong with her?

Response by Smurf

Just as a mother bird knocks a baby bird from its nest, let nature take its course, and simply hit your stepdaughter in the head with shoes until she learns to tie them. There is nothing wrong with her per se. It is more the question of what isn’t wrong with her. Shoe laces can be used for a great many things – getting out of a situation where one is zip tied for instance, as well as they make excellent restraints themselves. Perhaps let her know what she is missing out on. It may coax her to enjoy tying shoes a little more.