Hang Around: SoA

Interviews with Tatiana

This month I sit down with Addiction to discuss his two SOA characters, Kaleb and Tyler who are members of the new SOA room, Vegas.  He talks about what will be happening there, where his chars were born and something about a Suck Bang Blow bar.  It’s hard to concentrate when Kaleb is so damn hot!  fans myself  Don’t forget to check out Sons of Anarchy:  Vegas when you have some free time and maybe bring a char to play there.

Until then, enjoy the interview!

1.)  What exciting things are you expecting from the new SOA room, Sons of Anarchy:  Vegas?

A return home. Vegas has been a staple of SOA roleplay for some time, and became the home for both of the guys after they started in Long Beach. We’re looking forward to rebuilding the club after it was all but decimated, other factions moved into the strip, and new blood taking over from the old. There’s some lineage there, and it’s all going to come into play.

2.)  Tell us about your two main characters Kaleb and Tyler  Give a brief history of both.

Oye. Trying to sum up over a decade of Rp on both.

Kaleb was born into the club in Scotland , the son of the President. As a young man He wasn’t sure that he wanted to be there, but He had to do what He did growing up in the club and on the streets. The Club’s issues with other factions and the war with a sister club in Ireland put him into the fray. Growing up He learned the ins and outs of the club and stuck with it until the girl he fell in love with was caught in the crossfire and killed. From there He took up the call to head overseas to Long Beach and the States where He’s been ever since. He’s traveled across the states, through various charters He’s filled multiple roles and been through multiple encounters with various factions and now has heeded the call back to Vegas.

Tyler Stevens grew up learning about the club in the west coast through racing. Drag racing. Then motorcycles. His family owned the Suck Bang Blow bar in Long Beach that’s been through hell and back where He sang with his band for years as his passion. Never a famous artist or performer himself, He was known for writing quite a few hits for famous artists, never giving up his passion even though He decided to take on a different life. Once patched in, He became a road captain in Long Beach and traveled with Kaleb and others through various charters. He was the first to greet Kaleb when He arrived from Scotland and the two have been inseparable ever since.

3.)  Your two main chars are heading out on a road trip, where would they travel?

California. Up the Coast. Which is where they went after eventually returning to Long Beach and the OC (Orange County) which got decimated. They weren’t sure if they would retire, go nomad, or what was going on. They just needed a break after what felt like a lifetime of bullshit. Best choice they ever made. The west coast is where Ty was born and raised and Kaleb was always fond of, where both of them found their heart and their soul.

4.)  If your characters could have 3 songs to describe their personalities, what 3 songs would that be?

Tyler Stevens:

Shinedown – Sounds of Madness’

Kid Rock – Cocky

Nickelback – Next Contestant

Kaleb O’ Farrell:

Shinedown – Simple Man

The Heavy – How you like Me now?

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

5.)  What year was it when you were introduced to SOA rp? Who introduced you and what room/site was it at?

Oh, man I can’t remember the year, but it was damn near a decade ago. I first walked into SOA following Slick and a few others brought me over into the original Long Beach years ago.

6.)  Who was your very first SOA character? Do you still rp him/her today?

Tyler “Hollywood” Stevens was my first original SOA character and I still play him to this day. Which in hindsight is interesting because SOA was one of my “secondary” roleplays way back when and has become my longest running character.

7.)  Did you watch the tv series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ before rping SOA?

It was actually about the same time, maybe towards the end of season one. It had just began getting popular (I mean season one I felt was pretty slow) but everyone was jumping onto it even though there were only a few rooms open at the time. Long Beach was one of the first  and we all kind of navigated there.

8.)  Someone is interested in rping in the Rebels and Reapers section, what advice do you have?

Just do it. Jump in there. Don’t be afraid. You don’t have to be a patched member, a sweetbutt, or anything else. You can be anyone it is that your heart desires, and just have fun. Though it’s often seen as ‘difficult’ to get into because most people think that its just about the “guys” and the club. But it’s not. It’s about so much more than that. Anyone and everyone can get involved, and they should.

9.)  Are you looking forward to participating in the rally this summer?

Yes, absolutely. Every year, it’s everyone getting together and just having fun and letting loose, which is what it should be about. I love the rally because we can just let loose and have fun, be “ourselves” but also just not worry about things, meet new people and roll with things.

10.)  If you could change one thing about the Rebels and Reapers section, what would that be?

That we communicate more, work with the chapters and charters, to get together and do more interroom roleplay.