In this segment we take a closer look at Generations in our Rebels and Reapers section!
Generations is This room is based loosely on the Sons of Anarchy series. This is the next generation. The kids of the older (role play) characters. The room is set years in the future. All the offspring are adults now, struggling to find themselves and see how they fit into a lifestyle they knew as a kid, now as an adult. Today I sit down with the amazing Kitten, to discuss this amazing room. 


The Interview

Describe your room, ie: the concept and main theme?
Kitten: It’s set in the Sutter-verse of Sons of Anarchy, but in the future. We don’t go into detail about what the exact year is. Many of the characters are the offspring of our characters from previous rooms, some are part of the club while others are just trying to find their way. It’s based in the Pacific Northwest in a small town Kaliko and I made up called Nowhere, Idaho. It’s not club based room, anyone is welcome to join and play. We have of course the club members, dancers at a local bikini dance club (idaho is strict on nudity), waitresses, cops, an attendant at the laundromat… Anyone is welcome.

What kind of storylines go on? Also, can anyone get involved?
Kitten: Anything really can go on in the room. It’s a small town, so it’s got its quirks. One storyline is a returning daughter to the club, a guy who’s trying to find out what happened to his father, and we have a serial killer that the local detectives are just learning and finding the bodies.

Are character sheets required?
Kitten: We do ask if your character is going to be staying in the room that you give a small sheet. It just asks basics, and you’re not required to have a massive bio. Other characters such as those playing their chars from other Sons rooms but in their older versions don’t have to fill out a sheet unless they’re going to make the room their elder versions home.

What do you do when you have a newbie come into the room? How do you help them learn about the world you’ve created? Is it easy for them to jump into storylines?
Kitten: The room is basically contemporary. There are no powers, no hierarchy. It’s self-explanatory if in your real world you approach someone that has a patch on their back, how would you respond to them? A cop? Ordering at a local diner? We’re happy to give a hand in helping someone learn what they need and help them figure what they’re looking to play within the room.

How many various character types are in your room?
Kitten: A lot lol. You’re not going to find a movie star or the next Bezos unless they’re vacationing. The location is literally bumfuck nowhere, the population maybe a little close to 1000.

Is there a set structure for powers, or is it free form?
Kitten: No powers. I mean you can play a wiccan character, but it’s got to be as it is in real time, you’re not going to have lasers shooting from your fingers while you hover in the air.

What is the main thing you want everyone to know about your room?
Kitten: Come in have fun. If you play SOA this gives you a chance to give a character an “epilogue” without having it affect your play in another room.