Revealing Roleplayers By Smurfy

In this segment, we will be interviewing roleplayers at random. This is a way to get to know the roleplay community, find out what makes them tick, and delve a little into the raw meat of what makes roleplay special to them

For this interview, we will be delving into the mind of none other than the corgi girl herself- Detta




How long have you been roleplaying?


I feel old with this question. I started when I was eleven, good ol’ AOL Chatrooms were good for something! Who knew it’d lead me down this path. So almost fifteen years. 


What’s your favorite Genre?


 Honestly, I’ve not yet found one that I don’t like. However, picking one thing from a Genre would have to be Star Trek. Great show, chaotic to rp. 


What’s your favorite storyline you’ve ever done?


Honestly, I have been around for too long, with too many great writers to have just one favorite storyline. It feels like a disservice to those that I’ve played without throughout my ‘career’ to just choose one. 


What makes a good roleplay partner?


 Ooooh lordie, this is hard. Honestly, there are a number of things that I find to be good, but sites like ReVo, are relatively new to me. I’ve only been here like maybe a year, I came from a whole different series of places that I’ve played, and the things there, do not seem to be the same valued things here, if that makes sense. In my long ‘career’, I’ve liked, and favored, someone who can write more than a sentence or two. I know there are people out there who can write and do like and enjoy writing one liners, as they’re called, but for me, it seems inadequate. There is no content, nothing to really grab my attention and make me feel the character or the scene. I personally like the details you can put into a scene. Telling me something as trivial as they the character is biting their nails nervously, makes me question, why’re they nervous? So it creates this whole additional rabbit hole of curiosity based on the character and the scene, and it can really bring out so many amazing things. 


If you could bring any character back from the dead, who would it be and why?


Honestly, I don’t know. Players out of retirement, would be more apt, there are a ton. Like my husband…


The most important question to a roleplayer of course… Who is your all-time favorite character you’ve ever played, or watched someone else play?


Again, too many favorites, however, my favorite to ever play and watch someone play was… Pain. A character of my husbands who was twisted and would do the most horrible things, and got off on it. I can still think back to some of the scenes that he wrote, that I read, and shudder. They say everyone in this world has a place in their mind, a truly dark and evil place where the worst of us hides, and this is where he holds Pain… it’s truly beautiful in a frightening way, and now I sound coo coo for cocoa puffs. 

Hang Around: SoA

Interviews with Tatiana

This month I sit down with Addiction to discuss his two SOA characters, Kaleb and Tyler who are members of the new SOA room, Vegas.  He talks about what will be happening there, where his chars were born and something about a Suck Bang Blow bar.  It’s hard to concentrate when Kaleb is so damn hot!  fans myself  Don’t forget to check out Sons of Anarchy:  Vegas when you have some free time and maybe bring a char to play there.

Until then, enjoy the interview!

1.)  What exciting things are you expecting from the new SOA room, Sons of Anarchy:  Vegas?

A return home. Vegas has been a staple of SOA roleplay for some time, and became the home for both of the guys after they started in Long Beach. We’re looking forward to rebuilding the club after it was all but decimated, other factions moved into the strip, and new blood taking over from the old. There’s some lineage there, and it’s all going to come into play.

2.)  Tell us about your two main characters Kaleb and Tyler  Give a brief history of both.

Oye. Trying to sum up over a decade of Rp on both.

Kaleb was born into the club in Scotland , the son of the President. As a young man He wasn’t sure that he wanted to be there, but He had to do what He did growing up in the club and on the streets. The Club’s issues with other factions and the war with a sister club in Ireland put him into the fray. Growing up He learned the ins and outs of the club and stuck with it until the girl he fell in love with was caught in the crossfire and killed. From there He took up the call to head overseas to Long Beach and the States where He’s been ever since. He’s traveled across the states, through various charters He’s filled multiple roles and been through multiple encounters with various factions and now has heeded the call back to Vegas.

Tyler Stevens grew up learning about the club in the west coast through racing. Drag racing. Then motorcycles. His family owned the Suck Bang Blow bar in Long Beach that’s been through hell and back where He sang with his band for years as his passion. Never a famous artist or performer himself, He was known for writing quite a few hits for famous artists, never giving up his passion even though He decided to take on a different life. Once patched in, He became a road captain in Long Beach and traveled with Kaleb and others through various charters. He was the first to greet Kaleb when He arrived from Scotland and the two have been inseparable ever since.

3.)  Your two main chars are heading out on a road trip, where would they travel?

California. Up the Coast. Which is where they went after eventually returning to Long Beach and the OC (Orange County) which got decimated. They weren’t sure if they would retire, go nomad, or what was going on. They just needed a break after what felt like a lifetime of bullshit. Best choice they ever made. The west coast is where Ty was born and raised and Kaleb was always fond of, where both of them found their heart and their soul.

4.)  If your characters could have 3 songs to describe their personalities, what 3 songs would that be?

Tyler Stevens:

Shinedown – Sounds of Madness’

Kid Rock – Cocky

Nickelback – Next Contestant

Kaleb O’ Farrell:

Shinedown – Simple Man

The Heavy – How you like Me now?

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

5.)  What year was it when you were introduced to SOA rp? Who introduced you and what room/site was it at?

Oh, man I can’t remember the year, but it was damn near a decade ago. I first walked into SOA following Slick and a few others brought me over into the original Long Beach years ago.

6.)  Who was your very first SOA character? Do you still rp him/her today?

Tyler “Hollywood” Stevens was my first original SOA character and I still play him to this day. Which in hindsight is interesting because SOA was one of my “secondary” roleplays way back when and has become my longest running character.

7.)  Did you watch the tv series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ before rping SOA?

It was actually about the same time, maybe towards the end of season one. It had just began getting popular (I mean season one I felt was pretty slow) but everyone was jumping onto it even though there were only a few rooms open at the time. Long Beach was one of the first  and we all kind of navigated there.

8.)  Someone is interested in rping in the Rebels and Reapers section, what advice do you have?

Just do it. Jump in there. Don’t be afraid. You don’t have to be a patched member, a sweetbutt, or anything else. You can be anyone it is that your heart desires, and just have fun. Though it’s often seen as ‘difficult’ to get into because most people think that its just about the “guys” and the club. But it’s not. It’s about so much more than that. Anyone and everyone can get involved, and they should.

9.)  Are you looking forward to participating in the rally this summer?

Yes, absolutely. Every year, it’s everyone getting together and just having fun and letting loose, which is what it should be about. I love the rally because we can just let loose and have fun, be “ourselves” but also just not worry about things, meet new people and roll with things.

10.)  If you could change one thing about the Rebels and Reapers section, what would that be?

That we communicate more, work with the chapters and charters, to get together and do more interroom roleplay.

Storytime with the Smurf – By Smurfy

In this segment you the reader will get a chance to mail in questions to Smurfy. She will take those questions, and respond with the most ridiculous answers imaginable. “It is my belief that laughter is everything – so, why not share a little silliness with others along the way?” – Smurf

Please send all questions to Smurfy’s pm.

(Please note: Revo does not necessarily agree with the words and opinions of Smurfy. In fact, we reserve the right to deny association with her at all.)


Question Submitted by Shy

What if aliens are searching for us too, but… then we’re aliens also!?

Response by Smurf

There would be double penetration anal probing going on, and I’m just not down for that much ass sex. So, of course that would start a war between who gets to stick the probe in whose ass causing mass amounts of destruction, and casualties … I’m in. May the one with the biggest kink win. 


Question Submitted by Anonymous-

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Response by Smurf


That’s British:The TV edition – with Russ

Sometimes our TV gets a hard time compared to US, you have high quality actors (and when you don’t, you pay ours boatloads more to come to your shores and don an American Accent), Production values and the streaming services give access to even shows that we’d never have seen here otherwise. I love a good TV show, be it a comedy (I love Arrested Development and Scrubs) a Drama (The Wire, Breaking bad) or anything else. But there are some cracking British TV shows, in the past we’ve had Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, and plenty of Dramas that aren’t coming to me as I write this. But lately we’ve had some really good shows too. So this week I’m highlighting a few I really like, if you can track them down, give me a comment and let me know what you think. 

I have not included some shows that are highly rated, but I am yet to see such as Fleabag, the crown, Downton Abbey and Line of Duty, but I have these to watch and if off interest to people I will do a review of them. 

Honourable Historical Mentions:

Brassed Eye

Red Dwarf

Doctor Who

Mighty Boosh

The Trip

Gavin and Stacy

The Inbetweeners

The Office

Only Fools and Horses




What happens when a recovering Alcoholic American and a dysfunctional Irishwoman have a one-night stand, get pregnant and end up spending the rest of their lives together? TV Gold that’s what, this show is poignant at times, very dark and always very, very funny. It also features Carrie Fisher’s last role (she filmed this after Star Wars, I believe) and has a lovely tribute for her. 


Idris Elba’s break out role. As detective John Luther who ends up joining forces with a psychopath serial killer to catch some truly horrific killers. A true anti-hero, Luthor is always on the verge of a breakdown and the show is truly scary and intense (I’ll never get a night bus again) and the twists are always hard to predict. 

Planet Earth:

David Attenborough is a national treasure and this series of Natural History, is stunningly filmed showcasing just how beautiful and huge this world is. It is truly eye-opening to the impact we have on the world, and it is captivating TV. 

Peep Show:

A brilliant comedy looking at a dysfunctional friendship of two flat mates. So far so predictable right. The beauty is its shot with the inner monologues of the characters and the camera perspective is always through the eyes of one of the characters. It really is like you are spying on their lives. And it redefined how comedy was shot here. The two main characters are brilliant and has a truly great supporting cast too. 

The Thick of IT

Before he was Dr Who, Peter Capadli was Malcolm Tucker, spin doctor and foul mouther machine of the Government trying to keep the clusterfuck of ministers and civil servants from constant fuck up. It’s so well written and seems so implausible, but it really does show the flaws of the government here. It’s full of memorable characters and remains one of my favourite shows and a show that still feels current. 

This is England 

If you do not know who Shane Meadows is, you should. A brilliant filmmaker, this series picks up where the film left off, looking as life for a group of characters between 1986 and 1990. Think Trainspotting in England. It will make you laugh, make you cry and challenge you, it tackles all the social issues and is utterly gripping because of it. Not just one of the best British Shows created, I’d argue it’s one of the best series ever. Period and very, very underrated. 

The Great British Bake off

Literal, a show of people baking cakes. It shouldn’t work, but it does. You root for people, you get invested and suddenly think you are an expert on baking. It’s great escapist TV. 

Black Mirror

Full disclosure; I love Charlie Brooker. Since he was a columnist and an hilarious one at that. He is angry, ranty and cutting. He’s how I wish I was. This show is similar to the twilight zone, with five seasons now but a different cast and plot each series and some great casts. It’s proof that Britain can do deep, thought-provoking and engaging sci-fi, even lacking the US budgets of shows. 

The Wizard of Oz

[A candid peek behind the curtain Q & A with the Administrator of ReVo]

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the Emerald City! This will be a candid, behind the scenes, one of a kind look at how things are run here on ReVo and just what goes into the day to day and everything that we do, and we’re going to kick this segment off this month. Each month (or more than once a month depending on how we adjust things later) I will be fielding questions sent in by you guys either to myself (on the forums) or the ReVo account (also on the forums) or directly to Smurfy or Rivers to pass on, and attempt to offer as much insight into things that I can, as candidly as I can. 

While it is that I may not be able to answer every single question that is floated in my direction, I will attempt to address each one that comes across in some fashion. We do after all, have to keep some tricks of the trade behind closed doors. 

So without further ado, lets go ahead and jump into fielding some questions and get candid.

Q:  Now that you’re back to work, how does that change the time constraints, do you ever feel like it’s a second job?

A:   Yes, because it is. It always has been. But moreover while that sounds like a complaint, it’s not, because it’s a labor of love. A passion project if you will, and there’s an old saying, ‘love what you do, and you’ll never work a day’. As far as time constraints goes, it definitely changes things, but that’s why we have a team. We try and provide as much around the clock coverage for everything that we can, though it does slow down the turnaround time on some things. Some things are a little more involved and can’t be done on the side or on my phone, or everyone’s at work, so it gets taken care of when we’re available or at home.

Q:   Following up to that, how does that affect your roleplay time?

A:    What roleplay time? *laughs It does a lot, and that isn’t an excuse not to do it, but there are some days when things are really busy that you just wanna go somewhere where NOONE knows your name *snickers* Its like Murphy’s Law, where it never fails, getting out and involved into some roleplay or just chillin and something happens that needs to be fixed. It comes with the territory though, and is what we signed up for, so its kinda like knowing what you’re getting into from the very beginning. Even when in a room or chilling and rping there’s usually multiple discord messages being passed and things being worked on behind the scenes, being updated, etc. 

Q:   Have you ever went with a chatter suggestion or put something into the site that you didn’t necessarily agree with or think would work?

A:    This might be my favorite question for this month, and makes me chuckle, because the answer is absolutely yes. From site rules to room innovations, we’ve pushed a lot of boundaries over the years. Though it’s not often when an idea is brought up to Cabinet that it gets veto’d, especially when we know its something that the chatters want (if its something that can actually be done), but sometimes we might feel it might not work in the long run, or its a little redundant, but if its for the greater good, we do it. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they get iterated on again and again and turn into something completely new or are tweaked and then ‘BAM’, you have that ‘huh, should’ve thought about that earlier’ moment, which is always cool.

Q:   How do you guys decide when to run drives for the site?

A:    We’ve had this question before, (not here in the blog) but the answer isn’t too complicated.

Whenever we want!



Ok not really. We usually try and run them twice a year, sometimes it could be three. Sometimes this can coincide with holidays, site events, or something else, but we usually try and have it spread out over the course of the year to assist in financing the site when it’s needed. This usually coincides with like ‘springtime’ and then maybe something in the summer, and then around the time of our Anniversary in November, though we will often try and tie that one in with something for the holidays since they’re so close. The site of course costs funds to run and is solely funded by the memberships and purchases that come into the site. We do these drives in order to finance the site in chunks just in case something were to happen out of the ordinary so that we can ensure that we stay operating (like the pandemic, etc). 

Q:  How much time actually went into coding? Because sometimes the ways the rooms work amaze me

A:   Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the hours. *laughs* I’m not a coder. I dabble. I know some things. But when Q started ReVo the chat software that we purchased (the same pretty much everyone else uses) was already old and antiquated (which we’re working on fixing), at least in the way it looked. But we wanted it to look sharper. The old rooms didn’t do what we’d wanted them to, and so we started with the layout. Many hours of testing on a private copy of the whochat for a couple of weeks straight just to get the layout and look right, then taking what was learned and applying it towards other little things and touches in the room. Some things came later, but never really easily, such as the file manager and the code’s manager, connecting them to all the rooms, adding previews, etc. The little touches were something we were very excited about, and worked on the coding for the site before we even initially launched for almost a month straight. Work during the day. Meetings during the evening. Coding all night long. Then after that, it was a few more months of adding things in phases, constant testing so it didn’t break anything. There were many nights of staying up all hours of the night until I was finally able to run into Q’s office at 5am and yell I DID IT! I figured it out! Only to see her eyes light up with joy, then summarily tell me she broke the site. That’s when the coffee came in. But there’s a lot of little things out there and available in the rooms that a lot of people don’t even realize, and its fun when they find them out (I’m looking at you, revo world, zenpad, and other things).


So that’s another sneak peek behind the curtain for our second installment of The Wizard of Oz and hopefully (surely), there’s plenty more questions that people might come up with, or thoughts and things that they’d like me to expound upon in upcoming segments. I’m also open to taking suggestions and feedback for this format and willing to branch things off and talk about my thoughts on other things you guys would like to hear about. 

Until Then. 

That’s British: with Russ

May Day

We love a bank holiday in Britain. Any excuse for a day off. Maybe it’s because we don’t have huge public holidays; Thanksgiving is not a thing here, for example. So Queen’s birthday, yup will be happy to put our feet up thank you very much.

I’ve touch on our quaint British customs before, but May Day has some of the weirdest and quirkiest, as well as one even us Brits poke fun at; Dancing round the May pole with Morris dancers.

To the best of my knowledge Morris dancers are older men who want an excuse to sit in the sun and drink real ale. And not the new hipster stuff I’m a fan of, the stuff they brew in their cellar and seem to ferment in socks. Fair enough, each to their own, who doesn’t love a bit of day drinking? Why in means you get kitted out all in white, tie bells to your legs, and “dance” while waving a hanky, that’s the bit I don’t get. Here is an example of it:

Alongside this a May Queen is crowed; which is in essence a personification of the springtime. She will ride or walk at the front of a parade. Her duty is to being the May Day celebrations.

In Oxford, it is a centuries-old tradition for May Morning revelers to gather below the Great Tower of Magdalen College at 6 am to listen to the college choir sing traditional madrigals as a conclusion to the previous night’s celebrations. Since the 1980s some people then jump off Magdalen Bridge into the River Cherwell. For some years, the bridge has been closed on 1 May to prevent people from jumping, as the water under the bridge is only 2 feet (61 cm) deep and jumping from the bridge has resulted in serious injury in the past. There are still people who climb the barriers and leap into the water, causing themselves injury

Padstow in Cornwall holds its annual Obby-Oss (Hobby Horse) day of festivities. This is believed to be one of the oldest fertility rites in the UK; revelers dance with the Oss through the streets of the town and even though the private gardens of the citizens, accompanied by accordion players and followers dressed in white with red or blue sashes who sing the traditional “May Day” song. The whole town is decorated with springtime greenery, and every year thousands of onlookers attend. Before the 19th century, distinctive May Day celebrations were widespread throughout West Cornwall, and are being revived in St. Ives and Penzance.

Kingsand, Cawsand and Millbrook in Cornwall celebrate Flower Boat Ritual on the May Day bank holiday. A model of the ship The Black Prince is covered in flowers and is taken in a procession from the Quay at Millbrook to the beach at Cawsand where it is cast adrift. The houses in the villages are decorated with flowers and people traditionally wear red and white clothes. There are further celebrations in Cawsand Square with Morris dancing and May pole dancing.

As much as I mock these rituals, I love our little traditions, quirks and folklore. To me the more the world becomes homogenized, the more these little differences in our country can remind us off our identity. The country has an uneasy history with the Empire, so it’s nice to have these little events to look back on and see how they shape and define us.

Russ Old English word of the blog:

‘hugger-muggery’ (16th century): secretive, clandestine behavior for the purposes of deception.

Revealing Roleplayers By Smurfy

In this segment, we will be interviewing roleplayers at random. This is a way to get to know the roleplay community, find out what makes them tick, and delve a little into the raw meat of what makes roleplay special to them

For this interview, we will be delving into the mind of none other than the Monster herself- Xams



Smurfy: How long have you been roleplaying?

Xams: Since the dawn of time. I mean 20+ years!

Smurfy: What’s your favorite Genre?

Xams: I like fantasy free form. But my first real love was World of Darkness.

Smurfy: What’s your favorite storyline you’ve ever done?

Xams: I have had a lot of awesome adventures in my rp life, to pick a favorite is haaaard. -lmao- One that sticks with me lately is actually an LKH free form story. The Master of the City wanted independence from the Council and to be exposed to the world and to live free and powerful. There was a war. It was hard because there was only three of us playing but fun AF because there was only three of us playing. -lol- It started small with secondary storylines and they all joined into one big storyline where we played all of our characters that we could at the same time and we wrote for each other and it was massive. Our characters stood with the Master risking it all and the Council and others came down on us hard. My friends worked hard making this an intense and rewarding experience and the impact of that war still is present now. We did this a few years ago. It was great because we all are very close and know each other, we just let our creativity and imagination go wherever it wanted.

Smurfy: What makes a good roleplay partner?

Xams: A good roleplay partner is someone you can feed off of and they feed off you. You don’t need to think, you just do it and inspire each other. It has to be someone who understands you and your character (or is trying to understand cause that is how you make friends and how you start the rp experience) and has a goal of both of you having fun. You must have imagination, creativity and be willing to take risks and surprise while respecting your partner. It is an inclusive bonding experience where both partners benefit. A good roleplay partner earns your trust. It is someone who plays WITH you, not AGAINST you. A good roleplayer does not only consider themselves or focus on their own enjoyment and wants, they focus on their partner and the roleplay at hand and realize it is not just for them it is for you both and everyone involved. You are writing for each other not just for yourself. You are giving of yourself.

Smurfy: If you could bring any character back from the dead, who would it be and why?

Xams: I have only had one character die and it was to surprise my friends in a very intense roleplay and I thought it would enhance it. (They might still be mad at me for that. -lmfao-) She was a young necromancer but not an evil one, she had the utmost respect and empathy for our dearly departed, and she helped them rather than use them. The character sacrificed her life to save her friends. I would bring her back because her life was cut short by a circumstance that was overwhelming and too big. She handled it better than most and deserves a second chance at life.

Smurfy: The most important question to a roleplayer of course… Who is your all-time favorite character you’ve ever played, or watched someone else play?

Xams: I don’t really have a favorite character of mine, I play them according to my mood and level of inspiration at the time. One of my favorites is my third character ever who is a World of Darkness Black Spiral Dancer. I did not think she would last this long! Basically she is a warrior type who culls the weak (even her own kind), is a cannibal and works to keep packs strong and efficient in service of the Wyrm. She has had so many adventures and is still around somewhere! As for other people’s characters, my friends have very diverse characters and to choose a favorite would be hard.

Storytime with the Smurf – By Smurfy

In this segment you the reader will get a chance to mail in questions to Smurfy. She will take those questions, and respond with the most ridiculous answers imaginable. “It is my belief that laughter is everything – so, why not share a little silliness with others along the way?” – Smurf

Please send all questions to Smurfy’s pm.

(Please note: Revo does not necessarily agree with the words and opinions of Smurfy. In fact, we reserve the right to deny association with her at all.)


Question Submitted by Lexie

Why do hot flashes come at 2am?

Response by Smurf

Like most things women go through, the patriarchy has demanded from the gods that women be tortured even after they stop having aunt flow visit. It is unfortunate that the male gender has chosen to beg the gods for another form of torture towards the female gender, but here we are. Why they happen at 2am, is because it was a specific request from one such dude, we’ll call him Frank – who begged the gods that his wife  give him oral in the middle of the night, unfortunately, her refusal ended in a curse for all women everywhere. So, the moral of the story is – you should just get on your knees when a man asks you to. 


Question Submitted by Xams

Do you believe in Big foot?

Why yes, I had him over to the house just last week. He drank tea, and ate crumpets. We discussed the theory of evolution. He believes that he evolved from a human, and is the superior species. I of course believed him, because that guy knows his shit. He dazzled me with commentary on Shakespeare’s works, but got a little snotty when we had a heated debate on climate change. He also pooped behind my couch. That guy was a hoot! I doubt that stain will ever come out.

That’s British: with Russ

This month I wanted to talk about something I’m doing. It’s not a well-known event, it’s not world-famous. Its name is mentioned in cycling circles. It’s a challenge in the heart of Wales, it’s know as the Dragonride. It’s one of the toughest events I’ve ever done, in a beautiful and unforgiving environment, that is steeped in history, beauty and legend.

The Brecon Beacons are somewhat legendary and mythical in the UK. They hold an aura, mainly because the SAS selection takes place there. It can be a cold, wet, vast and unforgiving environment. On a bike, it’s akin to heaven for me. Unsurprisingly it’s a place of myths and wonder. There are many myths and legends in this area, but here is my favourite:

The Lady of the Lake at Llyn Cwm Llywch Lake.

 Legend has it there is an island on the lake, accessible only on May day that is the entrance to the land of the fairies and hold the key to the kingdom. Once a year the fairy queen would allow visitors to her island. It was said the Queen would tell you lay ahead for the year to come. The proviso was that no one would take anything from the island, and for a day would partake in drink, dance and fun. The deal lasted hundreds of years, until of course, one day….

A newcomer had planned to steal a fairy apple, to create a magical orchard of his own. As the sun waned, he hid an apple. Thinking his luck was in, he set foot on the human realm once again. Where he was met by the Fairy Queen, who asked the man to empty his pockets, and on doing so, he realized the apple was rotten and filled with Maggots. As he fell to his knees, the Queen wasn’t done and shattered his mind, driving him mad. The Queen banished her visitors, the door shut and has never reopened. Without the Queen’s predictions, crops fell into ruin and the villages starved.

This is why I take my own food on the 140 Miles and 10,000 feet plus of climbing, I have enough things to drive me mad without the Fairies against me! However, the food stations have a infamous rosemary roasted potatoes, which remain the best food I’ve had at a feed station!

I cannot wait for the ride this year, I learnt a lot last time and having missed out with the pandemic last year, I hope to take in the views atop the Black Mountain, Survive the Devil’s elbow and then up the Bwlch and Rhigos. The names are magical enough to me, the roads quiet and stunning. It hurts but of course, you can’t help but be in love with the views and the legends of the area. It’s all a though that has gotten me through the lockdown, that I might make this event, and it feels closer than ever.  I just need to be patient, keep on and hope the day isn’t shut like it was to the fairy kingdom all those years ago.

Phrase of the blog:

huff snuff’ (16th century): one who shares their opinion far and wide but is quick to take offence if anyone disagrees.

Silly English Laws:

King Henry VIII imposed a beard tax that every man must pay to wear facial hair.

Revealing Roleplayers By Smurfy

In this new segment, we will be interviewing roleplayers at random. This is a way to get to know the roleplay community, find out what makes them tick, and delve a little into the raw meat of what makes roleplay special to them

For our very first interview, we will be delving into the mind of none other than the wild woman herself – Wildthing




How long have you been roleplaying?


Since I was 18, and I started in mIRC which when I look back wtf was I thinking… that is so far stretched from where I am now it’s hard to believe it was that long ago.


What’s your favorite Genre?


Comics.  I love comics… it lets me be free, wild, crazy, experience so many new things without the insane and at times crippling rule sets that some other genres have.


What’s your favorite storyline you’ve ever done?


That’s hard… but one in truth does stand out and that was the Rikers prison Role Play here on ReVo.  We did a slow burn that teased in December back in 2017 when the room opened… and there were bits and pieces here and there… in March more ‘hints’ were dropped as to what was being foreshadowed and then in May the verdict of guilty came down that sent an innocent woman to prison and led to a maniac who was hired trying to kill her both in jail and then the hospital once his first attempt failure left her in a coma… all in all it spanned almost a solid year of work to get from point A to point B and had most of the room involved, so I think that’s probably my proudest and favorite role-play ever.


What makes a good roleplay partner?


Someone who can listen, ask questions and provide ideas and insight as well.  It is not about one-persons needs, wants and end game… it’s about both people having an equal say and being heard.  If someone is not having fun, then that needs to change because role-play should never be a chore.


If you could bring any character back from the dead, who would it be and why?


It would be my medieval character Gwynn who was murdered by a vampire back in my mIRC days… I was a new role player then and this really overly powerful guy having a bad mood basically wiped her out before I ever got any traction with her and I had always wondered what if and what would, have become of her.


The most important question to a roleplayer of course… Who is your all-time favorite character you’ve ever played, or watched someone else play?


X-23.  100% no questions asked, hands down, my favorite character I have ever played is X-23.  She is so bent she looks broken and by all rights should be a bad guy but is not, and I am always finding new ways to put spins on her to try to keep her exciting and interesting.  If it is a friends’ character it would be my friend Neo’s character of Deadpool…. I am telling you that is someone who woke up born to wear that horrible red and black suit, and he does it amazingly!