Commenting Rules

If you’re commenting on my blog, these are the rules. You’re expected to know them. They’re mostly common-sense kind of things, but if you’ve ever looked at a Gor message board then you already know why I feel the need to say them out loud (and clarify them further below).

I’m hoping for some healthy conversations here – and pretty much anything I say is up to be challenged, discussed, or debated. I hope that even people who disagree with me about nearly everything can still get something of value from this place – and that I’ll get something out of them. But, at the same time, I’m a busy guy and have zero interest in spending lots of time moderating the comments.

So these are the rules. Obey them or be dealt with. I’ll be holding myself to the same standards as well.

  • Be respectful
  • Speak in good faith
  • You are not owed a debate
  • Nothing outside this blog matters on this blog*
  • Stay on topic
  • Know your place

Be respectful

This ought to be a no-brainer – except it’s the internet, so it’s not. Do not insult other people who are commenting. Do not insult their comments or beliefs. Do not treat anyone as less than or inferior to you – because here, they aren’t.

Speak in good faith

A less-obvious part of being respectful is arguing/speaking in good faith. Don’t fixate on a tiny detail of what someone says, while ignoring 90% of their point, because you want to prove that tiny point wrong and “win.” Don’t make disingenuous statements to troll. Don’t troll period. Don’t insist you know someone else’s motivates better than they do.

Oh, one more: if you get called out on something like that, don’t say things like “that’s just how I am.” Because that means you’re an asshole, and you can get the fuck off my blog. Asshole.

You are not owed a debate

No one, not even me, has to debate you. If you disagree with something I post, or another person posts, by all means challenge that opinion with your own (abiding the whole “good faith” rule and all). Ask questions, push back on assertions that I (or someone else) made that aren’t well sources – or challenge my interpretation of those sources. That’s awesome, that’s what I want to see.

And I don’t reply? Get over it. Maybe I’m busy. Maybe I’m writing my next post. Maybe I just don’t feel like it. You’re not owed anyone else’s engagement – any more than anyone reading this is obligated to comment when I post something. Posting a few hours (or days later) with something like “no reply, thought so” or “guess your silence means I’m right”? Counts as disrespectful.

Nothing on this blog matters on this blog*

All I mean by that is that I don’t care whose character killed who, or who jumped collars, or who said shit behind your back. I’m here to write and then discuss what I’ve written. You’re here to read what I write, and maybe discuss what I’ve written with me and among yourselves. That’s it. Take your drama with each other wherever the fuck it came from.

The asterisk (*) to that point is for very, very serious issues. I’m talking about harassment, stalking, doxxing, etc. If you think your situation with another commenter qualifies? Contact me directly and privately. I legit have no idea what I’ll do, and I hope it doesn’t come up, but I’ll take it seriously.

Stay on topic

Conversations stray, and that’s totally fine. So long as it happens organically. I make a post about Port Kar which leads to a conversation about Gorean ships, which leads to a conversations about preferred weapons of Gorean men on ships, which leads to a correction about how Torvaldslander ships are different so they’d favor axes instead of swords, which leads to a discussing about Torvaldsland, which leads to a conversation about the latest season of Vikings on the History Network.

That’s fine. I’ve got no issue with that.

I make a post about Port Kar and someone instantly posts a long diatribe about Vikings? That’s not the conversation going there, that’s one douchebag trying to shoehorn a subject he wants to talk about into a completely unrelated conversation. Don’t be that douchebag.

Know your place

That means accept this is my blog, and you are a guest – and here, my guests are equal with all my other guests. That means the men and the ladies are equal. That means those that play proud, high caste men are equal to she-urts and slaves and even (gasp!) thralls.

Seriously, “know your place” just means a) if I put on my MOD VOICE and tell you to do something, or stop doing something, then do what I said please, and b) if you are not me, do not talk like you are. By all means, notify someone about this page, or a rule they’ve broken – especially if they’re new. Thank you. But that’s it. I’ll handle the rest.